How to get pegged safely

How to get pegged safely
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Pegging. Most have heard about it, some have tried it, others have no idea what it means – and it's nothing to do with laundry, you've been warned.

Thanks to the likes of The Bold Type, Dead Pool and Weeds, pegging has made its way into mainstream sex talk.

Coined by sex columnist Dan Savage in 2001, the term describes a cisgender woman donning a strap-on to penetrate her cis male partner. Essentially, the script is flipped. Anyone can peg or be pegged.

Of course, the sex act has been happening behind closed doors for years, but there simply wasn't a term for it. According to a 2020 study from sex toy retailer Love Honey, 10 per cent of women polled had pegged their partner, while there had also been a 200 per cent rise in strap-on purchases that year.

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So, how does one peg safely?

While anal sex is safe, there are some precautions to reduce the risk of pain and infection.

First and foremost, use a condom over the dildo to reduce the risk of contracting an STI. Healthline suggests avoiding an oil-based lube if you plan to use a latex condom. They also state you should switch condoms if you change the person being penetrated, understandably.

When purchasing a dildo, they recommend a nonporous material, such as medical-grade silicone. It's also crucial to start slow to avoid microtears.

Lastly, if the person is using a harness, wash it after each use.

If pegging is on your sexual bucket list but you're unsure how to bring it up to your partner, the Kinky Ninja emphasises the importance of being open and honest about your wants and needs.

"As with most things sexually – being able to openly discuss your wants and needs with your partner is key, and if you feel you have this kind of relationship, then just go for it and ask," she told The Independent.

You could also try casually dropping it into conversation.

She added: "It would help if you approach the topic wisely. You could say you learned about it from an article or from a friend,"

"Let them understand why you wish to explore it and ask for their opinion on it."

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