Video showing how vapes are made might put people off for life

Video showing how vapes are made might put people off for life
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The phenomenon of vaping has well and truly taken off but a new video showing how they are created has got people swearing off them for life.

Disposable vapes are promoted as an alternative to smoking and their popularity has exploded in recent years, particularly among young people.

But as more people who have never smoked start to take up vaping, concern is growing around their impact on our health and the environment.

With a vast array of colours and fruity flavours, some believe they are too attractive to young people and teenagers.

In February, it was also revealed that vapes on the market in the UK made by Elf Bar exceeded the legal nicotine limit by 50 per cent.

Now, a behind-the-scenes look at how such vapes are made has left people shocked and vowing to never smoke a vape again.

The video was shared on YouTube and showed the manufacturing process in action.

Elf bar?!Is Disposable vape manufacturer | vape factory | Puff bar Disposable vape

One particular part of the video that caught people’s attention appeared to show the mouthpiece being applied by hand by workers who are not wearing any gloves.

Under the video, one viewer commented: “Well, that doesn’t look very appetizing, how they attach the mouthpieces without gloves.

“That was definitely the last one I bought after seeing that.”

Another person wrote: “You are telling me that they are touching the tips of the vape without any glove on??

“Didn't they know that their hands release grease constantly so imagine while working? Bruuuh I would not buy these lol I ain't looking to have a stranger's finger print on my vape tips when I buy it.”

Another said: “That's nasty no gloves when putting the top on that you breathe in through. No thanks stay away from vapes all together.”

“Where's the gloves?” another person asked.

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