Pet Siberian Husky dog refuses to come inside house

A woman in Montana boasted on social media that she'd killed a dangerous wolf - only for outraged viewers to point out she'd just killed a Siberian husky.

Amber Barnes, 36, who goes by Amber Rose on social media, posted about the kill on her private Facebook, prompting the wrath of disapproval against her post from people.

Barnes initially said that she went out into the Flathead National Forest in Doris Creek, looking to see a black bear, but encountered the husky instead.

"I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup 2022 was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup #firstworld #onelesspredatorMT," she said, accompanied by graphic photos of the animal, skinned and lying next to her in the bed of her pickup truck.

WARNING: Graphic images below

People also took screengrabs of the disturbing images as they shared their outrage for doing what she did to the dog.

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One person on Facebook wrote: "What kind of idiot is she seriously how disgusting what a horrible person."

"She should never be allowed to hunt again. If you can't properly identify an animal, you shouldn't be hunting. She should be prosecuted and put in jail as well," another added.

A third wrote: "Man, I hope she gets what she deserves, poor dog..poor family I would dress charges for sure!!"

The Flathead County Sheriff's deputies have confirmed that the murdered dog, along with 11 other pups was abandoned in the woods. They also said Animal Control informed them that some dogs had a deadly canine virus known as parvovirus.

"Several of the dogs have tested positive for parvovirus and are currently being evaluated," the statement read.

People furious at hunter who boasted of killing wolf that turned out to be a huskyiStock

The owners have not been identified, and it's unclear if they will get charged.

Barnes has not been charged, and police are now trying to determine if she had a valid hunting license.

Clapping back at critics, she told Facebook that she did make a mistake but would kill the animal again to defend herself because it was coming at her like it would "eat" her.

"Yes, I made a mistake...either way, yes I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me!" she said.

Her husband, Frank Tallent, Barnes' husband, also chimed in to defend her, saying the dog was at "the wrong place at the wrong time".

"Ya my girl friend was out hunting and shot a f ****** dog that was dumped out in the woods," he went on.

He added: "No charges have been filed or will be filed because no laws were broke."

Well before Barnes shot the animal, other people came across the other dogs and handed them in to animal control.

They are now being treated by vets, but are not up for adoption, police say.

Charges against Barnes have not yet been ruled out, but she has not been arrested.

"We are looking into that aspect of it, but it's not really clear what the outcome of that investigation will be," said Greg Lemon, the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Park's communication and education division administrator.

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