Some people will do anything to go viral, even if it means risking their own health and safety.

Few people actually go to the extremes that Internet star Lane Pittman does who has made a brand for himself for standing shirtless in the middle of a hurricane, whilst waving the American flag.

In 2016, he recorded a video, soundtracked by thrash metal band Slayer, of him wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and fully embracing the storm.

Pittman, who is from Jacksonville, Florida made the trip up to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to see what Hurricane Florence could offer him.

He even raised the funds to get him there via a Go Fund Me campaign, which has raised over $900 at the time of writing.

The resulting video was as awesome as you'd expect.

Not only did he manage to record his video he managed to make an appearance on Fox Business after reporter Kristina Partsinevelos spotted his 'performance'.

Speaking afterwards to Fox, Lane gave a very simple explanation as to why he was doing what he was doing before name-dropping himself.

Just being free and American, man.

Look, I've already been viral. Look up hurricane headbanger.

HT Mashable

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