Husband throws his wife's phone in pool after she fails to follow 'ultimatum'

Husband throws his wife's phone in swimming pool after she fails to follow 'ultimatum'


A husband threw his wife's phone in their swimming pool after failing to follow his "ultimatum" of not scrolling on her phone when talking to him.

In a post uploaded to the sub-RedditAm I The A**hole, the wife anonymously spoke about the incident and how she expects her phone to be replaced.

The wife began her post by explaining that she and her husband have been together for two and a half years and married for six months.

She said her husband "hates" when she talks to him as she scrolls through her phone.

"I'm a multi-task kind of person, and so I could focus on doing [two] things at once, like checking my Instagram while listening to him. He'd pitch a hissy fit whenever he sees me with the phone in hand," she wrote.

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Then she spoke on the "ultimatum," in which he told her the next time he sees her using the phone while with him, the phone would "have to go."

"I thought that was [an] overboard kind of ultimatum because it's not like I'm ignoring him when he's talking about serious stuff. BUT he just wants me to be 200% listening when he talks about a game or a past trip with his buddies."

In a recent incident, the woman said she was in her kitchen scrolling through her phone when her husband told her to put her phone down.

"I asked why and whether he had something serious to talk about, but he said 'no, nothing serious' and reminded me of what he told me about the phone while talking rule. I was like, 'pssshh no.'"

As a result, he got up, took the phone out of her hand, and "rushed out" while she yelled at him, asking him where he was taking it.

"He got outside and threw it in the pool while I watched. I couldn't believe it. I started yelling WTF at him repeatedly.

"We got into a huge argument, and he decided to get in his car and leave to Starbucks. I was mad. I texted him that what he did was out of line and that I expect him to replace my phone asap. He responded, saying he already set one reasonable rule, and I violated it and disrespected him and his presence and time," she said.

She continued to note that they had another argument, and when he got home, she kept on insisting that her phone be replaced.

"He got outside and threw it in the pool while I watched. I couldn't believe it." iStock

"He said that I made things get this far by refusing to listen and choosing to be disrespectful.

'Thankfully, I have an old phone I'm using for now, but my old phone was a tremendous loss because I paid for it and had work in it," she concluded.

People took to the post's comments to share their two cents on the matter.

One wrote: "Not the a**hole. But he is abusive and controlling. Also, this is kind of a violent gesture to do. Maybe reconsider if you want to be with such a toxic partner."

"This! My ex did things like this quite a bit. While I believe you could have probably gotten off social media a bit more when speaking with him, his reaction was beyond over the top. I had remotes thrown, cans of slim fast hit walls, jewelry broken, and the outbursts only escalate," another added.

Someone else who thinks both the husband and wife are in the wrong wrote: "I think that both of you are a**holes, him much more than you though. What he did was incredibly out of line and would be a dealbreaker for me.

"But I could also never be together with someone who doesn't put their phone away while [talking] to me. Especially if I've already voiced how much it annoys me. Seems super disrespectful and just plain weird to always be on the phone. That would also be a dealbreaker for me.

"So, my conclusion: Both of you sound like sh***y partners, but his behaviour makes him more of an a**hole."

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