What is modern hypergamy? The dating trend sweeping the UK

What is modern hypergamy? The dating trend sweeping the UK

Brits are branching out beyond generic dating apps in the hope of finding someone to learn and grow from, with a staggering 57 per cent seeking out love interests who "complement" their own attributes.

New research from luxury dating site Seeking discovered singletons are on the lookout for partners with intellectual, cultural, lifestyle and economic aspirations.

Emotional intelligence was ranked one of the top priorities with 31 per cent of the study valuing this trait the most. This was followed by intellectual stimulation and a good sense of style.

Traditional hypergamy was rooted in marrying for financial gain - however Emma Hathorn, in-house dating and relationships expert at Seeking, said this is changing.

"Modern hypergamy is about much more," she said. "It reflects a shift towards valuing growth and shared benefits in relationships. Today, ambition, wealth, and status remain important, but it's equally essential to find a partner who complements and enhances your life in meaningful ways."

Emma went on to suggest benefits to modern hypergamy as an effective method for dating success.

"Being with someone who inspires you to grow and evolve can turn a good relationship into a great one," she said. "Choosing a partner who complements and enhances your attributes can lead to a deeply enriching and meaningful connection. A great relationship is one where both people are constantly learning and growing together."

The dating expert said she's witnessed more people adopting modern hypergamy into their dating lives, the concept in which people "date up" to "find someone who can offer mutual benefits and growth to not only the relationship but your life as a whole".

"Whether it's discovering new hobbies, exploring different cultures, or achieving personal milestones, having a partner who brings diverse strengths and insights can be incredibly rewarding," Emma concluded.

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