Someone has made a 'new map of the North Atlantic'

Dru Marland/Twitter

Dru Marland, a publisher and illustrator in Bristol, has summed up the post-Trump, post-Brexit world.

Marland posted the above image to her blog Upside Down in a Cloudon 9 November, following the announcement that Donald Trump had won the presidency of the United States.

She entitled it 'A special relationship', and it stressed the anti-establishment characteristics of the vote to leave the European Union in June and the same forces driving Trump's victory.

Speaking to indy100, Marland explained why she'd felt compelled to reappropriate the iconic 'I'm with stupid' design.

I'm horrified by both Brexit and Trump, and the decline into xenophobia they both represent. I'm quite pleased at the way the map's taken off, it's developed a life of its own, so obviously it's chimed with a lot other people's feelings.

She believes that both votes were connected.

People blaming their hard times on underdogs.

You can now get it as a t-shirt. Quick before they run out.

Christmas for the Remoaner in your life. Done deal.

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