Ian Wright left in tears when speaking about Toy Story 3

Ian Wright left in tears when speaking about Toy Story 3
Ian Wright left in tears speaking about Toy Story 3
The Overlap

Arsenal legend Ian Wright was left in tears when discussing Toy Story 3 and films on the latest episode of The Overlap podcast.

The Overlap is a podcast hosted by Jamie Carragher, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Roy Keane and Ian Wright - with frequent guests including the likes of Jill Scott, Wayne Rooney, Paddy McGuinness and Bastian Schweinsteiger to name but a few.

When the discussion on the most recent episdode turned to films, Wright revealed a scene from Toy Story 3 which gets him every time.

Keane asked the panel if there are any good films out at the moment and Carragher asked if they're losing their appeal.

Wright said: "I watched Dune 2 because I'm massive into sci-fi. I do love it but there's more to come.

"I go back to old school - you know what I watched the other day that really done me, Toy Story 3."

Wright then explained why it gets him through broken sentences as he tried to hold back tears.

"Toy Story 3, when they all sit on that step... When he's going to college..."

He then stopped as his emotions got the better of him before composing himself.

"I've heard that there's going to be Toy Story 5 where he's looking for them for his kids. I can't, I'm finished, I'm going to cry now," he said.

Discussion then turned to Shrek as Keane asked the panel about it; Carragher said: "Shrek was good, I think Toy Story was just a level above that."

Wright said: "It's layered isn't it, you get a message, your kids get a message... I love [in Shrek] when the Pied Piper turned it onto ogre and then they couldn't stop dancing."

Keane replied: "I used to be like that after a bottle of Bacardi."

"The songs they use, they use some good, funky songs," Wright said.

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