People are using the Ides of March to troll Putin

People are using the Ides of March to troll Putin
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Beware the Ides of March!

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar forebodes a betrayal on March 15th, historically known as the day the leader of the Roman Empire Julius Caesar was assassinated by his own people, including his friend Brutus.

So, of course, people are sending Russian president Vladimir Putin an Ides of March warning. Seemingly in the hopes that the Kremlin decide to uprise against the authoritarian leader.

Although uncensored Twitter is not available in Russia, it didn't stop people from offering a warning to Putin.

"On this eve of #IdesOfMarch - I humbly ask for history to be repeated in a poetic fashion. May tomorrow bring forth a turned tide, and allow for the buds of a new and hopefully better history to sprout. #Bewaretheidesofmarch Russia, you know what you have to do." A Twitter user said.

The similarities between Putin and Caesar continue to grow.

Back in 2012, Russian citizens couldn't help but make the connection between the two after Putin was re-elected again, despite the public opinion of the leader dwindling.

Now more than ever, it's difficult to not make the symbolic connection.

The idea of Russian citizens overthrowing Putin via a revolution or assassination is just that - an idea. More reports from Russia are emerging that Russians attempting to peacefully protest the war in Ukraine are being sent to jail.

Additionally, any person attempting to spread the truth in Ukraine is being sent to prison or disappearing. Yesterday a Russian journalist who attempted to protest the war on a broadcast was forced to appear in court for organizing an unauthorized public event. The journalist had to apologize for spreading 'misinformation' about the war on TV.

With increased restrictions on the freedom of citizens' expression and a campaign of anti-Ukraine propaganda, it's unlikely Russian citizens will revolt against Putin.

But the Ides of March is a nice thought.

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