Woman goes viral after she discovers the proper way to use handles inside of cars

Woman goes viral after she discovers the proper way to use handles inside of cars
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A woman who stumbled upon a car life hack on TikTok was shocked to discover the "proper" purpose of the handles passengers grab on to inside her car.

Jess (@jmac8781) frequently posts "things you might not know" hacks from what the different colour bristles on our toothbrush mean to how to remove red juice stains using an iron, to her 263,000 followers.

But she was left perplexed after learning her interior car handles had another purpose.

In the clip, she stitches the original video from @sanne_vberkel which shows a person pulling the handle down in order to get inside it to flick a small catch down.

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This in turn makes it easier for things to be hung up on the handle as the catch stops it from flipping back up.

Though a surprised Jess had to see it for herself to believe it as she then records herself making the effort to march down to her parked car to try the hack out for herself - and it worked!

Jess then turns the camera around to show her stunned reaction as the on-screen text read: "No, I did not know."

Although it worked for Jess, not all cars are the same so this trick might not work for certain models, but you can try out the hack for yourself to see if you can use it.


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Since filming herself trying out the car handle trick, Jess' video has received 1.4m views, 108,000 likes along with over a thousand comments from people who were just as surprised as Jess was at the car hack.


"Tiktok made us a little smarter every day," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "... I'm actually speechless."

"My handles don't have that flippy part," a fourth person commented, to which Jess replied: "Mine were hidden and I had to use my keys to pop them out lol."

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