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Body-positive Instagram model Noonie Regardless posted a photo on the social media site of herself wearing a crop-top – and had the best response to a hater’s response.

In Regardless’s original post, she shared her story of learning to love her body.

She wrote:

If you're struggling with loving you're self step back and point out the things you love about yourself and start accepting you as a person.

Is it easy? F*CK NO! But I promise you once you love who you are and accept who you are you will feel like the baddest bitch walking and not a negative goblin can stop you 

The picture was later posted on someone else's Instagram, reusing the photo and suggesting bralettes and crop-tops be left for “us skinny girls”. Finished with a sick-face emoji. Which we can all agree is a vile way to talk about someone.

She reposted the mocked up photo, comment and all, and wrote:

No I don't have the flat stomach to flex in a crop top/bralette but I have a muffin top to do so. I don't know why people still body shame at this point.

You don't have to be skinny to rock a crop top or bralette. To my ladies with stomachs wear whatever the hell you want and make every feel uncomfortable 


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