Tiktoker reveals why women shouldn’t be asked to split the bill on ...

In this day and age posting a selfie on your social media profile is as normal as brushing your tweet - however, when one woman did this, her ex-boyfriend threatened to break up with her.

TikToker Htee (@hteesheee) posted about the strange message she received from her now-ex concerning a selfie she posted onto her Instagram story.

“If I don’t see this gone in the next 5 min before 1:40 pm I’m done," his message read and even sent her a screenshot of the five-minute timer for a visual reminder. "Pls not the 5-minute timer," she joked in the caption.

Htee hadn't responded to the bizarre request (who can blame her) and so her ex then followed through with his threat to call things off.

"You have a good life,” he wrote. “You don’t have to be a burden with me anymore, you can do whatever you want.”

Though the TikToker doesn't seem fazed and can be seen having a giggle at the end of the video after showing the messages from her ex - all while a TikTok sound using a clip from Euphoria where character Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) is on a sweary rant shouting "What the f** is wrong with you?!" to Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) who calmly replies: "Okay."


pls not the 5 minute timer

Now that Euphoria has been mentioned, Htee also referenced the hit HBO TV series in her overlay text caption where she jokingly wrote: "People that are saying Euphoria is dramatic but I had to deal with this."

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Since posting about her random text dumping, Htee's video has received over 661,500 views, 98,200 likes, along with plenty of comments slamming the behaviour of Htee's ex-boyfriend.

One person wrote: "'Times up' yeah for YOU."

"Bro what why are guys so entitled," another person said, along with four laughing emojis.

Someone else added: "He sent you a screenshot of the timer I’m crying."

"That’s so embarrassing for him," a fourth person replied.

While others recalled a similar situation to Htee's that they've been in with their ex.

One person wrote: "I RELATE TO THIS except the timer was him threatening to post spicy content of yours truly."

"MY EX DID THE SAME THING I STGGG [swear to God] and then when I broke up with him bc he cheated he gave me a timer to get back together with him and I was like ???" another person shared.

Someone else replied: "I really let guys control who I talked to and what I posted when I was a teenager it angers me so much to even think of it now."

But it doesn't end there since, in a follow-up video (which appears to have been deleted), Htee claimed her ex-boyfriend made a TikTok account in order to keep an eye on what she is posting.

“I’ve blocked like 3 different accounts already, boy leave me alone,” the caption read.

Viewers will be glad to hear, Htee has since blocked her ex on all of her social media accounts and told The Independent: “I don’t think he really understood the severity of his texts. I still think he’s a good person but it was unacceptable behaviour, I broke up with him shortly after.”

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