What shapes you see in this video shows how clever you are

What shapes you see in this video shows how clever you are

There are plenty of 'intelligence tests' circulating on the internet at the moment.

You have fun and whacky Facebook tests, slightly more serious surveys, and the verified IQ tests - which can often be expensive and time-consuming.

To make things a little more entertaining, here are a few of the most intriguing puzzles to test your brain power.

Which letter do the red dots form together?

Picture:Picture: Playbuzz

A Playbuzz quiz shared this tricky test that can suggest whether or not you have a photographic - or eidetic - memory.

People with photographic memories can recall visual information from memories despite very little exposure to them.

Take the quiz to find out if you are among the 1 per cent who can pass.

You can find out more about optical illusions and tests for your brain in this video from TheWacky:

Can you see these lines moving?

This simple task can supposedly predict IQ.

In a University of Rochester study, participants watched clips - similar to the one above - and were asked in what direction they saw the bars shifts.

The larger the image shown, the harder it is to perceive the direction of the motion, as the brain filters out background movement.

People with higher IQs were worse at seeing the movement in larger images, suggesting they were best at filtering out distracting sensory signals.

Is this dress blue or white?

Picture:Picture: Swiked / Tumblr

Is it blue and black or white and gold? You might have thought the viral image was finally dead - but here is that dressall over again.

It turns out that dressgate inadvertently measures how hard your brain is working.

After placing volunteers in an MRI scanner and asking them to look at the dress, scientists noticed small changes in brain function.

People who saw the dress as white and gold had extra activity in the front and parietal areas of the brain, which are particularly important in visual perception, mental reasoning and selective attention.

In other words, their brains were working extra hard.

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