Introducing the world's best goat (and we do not say that lightly)

Introducing the world's best goat (and we do not say that lightly)

Meet Benjamin, the irresistibly cute pygmy goat who has put parental abandonment behind him to become arguably the world's most popular goat.

For the last five weeks he has been raised by hand by Tom Horsfield after Benjamin's mother had twins but could only rear one.

A BBC Look North news report of Benjamin gambolling and frolicking at Tom's nursery business in South Yorkshire has proven incredibly popular, being watched tens of millions of times around the globe.

Tom said of Benjamin: "Everybody loves him, he's got plenty of character, he's a bit of a show off, he likes nibbling people's shoelaces.

"He nibbles at all sorts really but the customers they love him here, he's got a really pleasant character."

Such was the little goat's popularity that in their infinite wisdom the BBC Look North team invited Tom and Benjamin into the studio, but he promptly demonstrated that he was definitely not a house-trained goat.

All the attention seemed to get a bit too much for him at one point.

Anyone who wants to visit Benjamin will have to act fast, as in two months he'll have grown to a size where he'll be let loose in the fields of Tom's estate.

"It will be sad to see him go but he'll be going into the countryside here on the estate and having a nice life with the other goats," he said.

Watch the original BBC broadcast below.

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