Irish priest surprises congregation by accidentally playing grime song during mass

An Irish parish priest has surprised his congregation by accidentally playing a grime artist during a livestream for Mass.

Father Pat Ward saw his opening blessing disrupted last week when a technical error led to a song by the artist Black the Ripper playing over the speaker system at Kincasslagh and Burtonport Parish in County Donegal.

However, the priest was not deterred by the mishap and casually played it off…

“Black the Ripper ... A wee bit of rap in the morning, wakes you up,” he joked, before adding: “I hope that didn’t do anybody’s blood pressure any difficulty there…”

You can find the clip below:

The parish even made light of the incident later by posting a song by the rapper, “Young Prophet”, as their “opening hymn” for the day:

Now, it’s unclear why exactly the song ended up playing on the parish’s sound system but let’s just assume for the fun of it that Father Pat is a big fan of the London rapper, who sadly passed away last year.

Following news of his death, a host of grime royalty, including Ghetts, Lethal Bizzle and Chip, paid tribute to the artist - who rose to fame in the UK rap scene during the mid-to-late 2000s with mixtapes such as Holla Black and Afro Samurai.

The rapper, real name Dean West, was also known for campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis in the UK and for his independent record label Dank of England, which was described by the Irish News as being “as British and pro-weed as you can get”.

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