Irish taxi driver goes viral after leaving blunt note for his passengers

Irish taxi driver goes viral after leaving blunt note for his passengers
Michael Gaida / Pixabay

Often when you get in a cab, both the driver and the passenger will read the situation before starting a conversation.

Some people immediately put on their headphones lest someone attempt to socialise with them (the horror). Others are perhaps too willing to chat, and may use taxi journeys as an opportunity to have an impromptu therapy session with the cabbie.

However, one Irish taxi driver has made his feelings on socialising in his workplace very clear.

In a note posted on the plastic partition between the driver and the passenger, the taxi driver has asked people not to ask “futile personal quizzes”.

Pre-empting the small talk, he wrote that he is from Ghana, but is now an Irish citizen. “Yes I like it here,” he added.

He added that he has an MBA, and asks people to “show due esteem.”

Posted on Twitter by Luke O’Riordan, the no-nonsense cabbie’s post has gone viral having racked up 165,000 likes and over 11,000 retweets.

The note had Twitter in stitches, and the jokes only continued in the replies:

Some people thought it was rude and didn’t quite understand why the driver wouldn’t want to have a chat with them:

Others wrote that it could be tiring for the driver to answer the same questions over and over again, especially as there may be racist undertones to questions around citizenship:

Either way, it’s their car, so their rules.

Headphones on for this journey, then.

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