Italian senate meeting hijacked by Final Fantasy porn

​Tifa Lockhart in the Final Fantasy VII remake

Tifa Lockhart in the Final Fantasy VII remake


Animated porn featuring the depiction of a video game character was broadcast during an Italian government meeting after a Zoom meeting was hijacked earlier this week.

The meeting, which involved Italian senators, experts from an array of different fields, and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi, was interrupted by pornographic footage featuring Final Fantasy character Tifa Lockhart.

According to Mail Online, the video - accompanied by “loud moaning” - played for around 20 seconds during Monday’s talk on “transparent public administration” before the intruder's antics were shut down.

The meeting then continued without interruption for three hours.

According to the news site, Five Star Movement, Senator Maria Laura Mantovani said: “This afternoon there was a very serious episode, a real attack against which I express absolute indignation."

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“During an online conference organised by me, someone sneaked in by broadcasting a video from pornographic content.

“I have reported everything to the competent authorities so that they can proceed to identify the person responsible.”

So-called “Zoom-bombing”, when a troll enters a Zoom meeting and interrupts the call, became popular at the beginning of the pandemic when working and studying from home became the new norm.

And this isn’t the first NSFW Zoom-related incident we’ve seen recently. Earlier this year, a man showed up to virtual court with a very… creative name.

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