The 'it's corn' TikTok trend explained

The 'it's corn' TikTok trend explained
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If you're an avid TikTok user, you would've come across "corn boy" at some point on your For You Page.

The adorable interview from a young corn enthusiast soon became a viral sensation, with thousands of users borrowing the sound and making it their own.

Despite the sound being removed from the original video shortly after being uploaded, a musician and fellow TikToker Schmoyoho remixed the audio, which has since taken over the platform.

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intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 - from iconic interview on @doingthings

What is the ‘It’s corn’ TikTok sound

Originally uploaded on August 19, the remix of the sound has garnered over 20 million views, and has been incorporated into over 45,000 TikTok videos.

Schmoyo took the interview and jazzed it up into a song, with a touch of added vocals and a backing track.

In a clip that's racked up 1.7 million views, one user used the song to rate the lyrics.

This is my new alarm, ringtone, etc. #itscorn #cornsong #cornkid


This is my new alarm, ringtone, etc. #itscorn #cornsong #cornkid

This is my new alarm, ringtone, etc. #itscorn #cornsong #cornkid

Even actress Ashley Tisdale jumped in on the fun, writing: "We should all be as excited about life as this kid is about corn".





Another used the sound to share "corn art" with followers.


After all these years, I finally have a reason to share my corn art with the world (please ignore my bedhead I tried to curl my hair and it didn’t go well) #corn #cornkid #fyp #greenscreen

Where did the original interview come from?

The catchy "it's corn" song originated from an interview by Julian Shapiro-Barnum on Recess Therapy.

The footage was posted to Doing Things' TikTok account with over 15.8 million views.

"'have a bite!' HES SO PRECIOUS," one said, while another added: "Omg this kid would have a field day in Iowa during the summer the corn is amazing."

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