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Being caught by a scammer is not a fun experience in the slightest, but there are ways of catching them out and actually having some fun.

A few months ago there was the story of a Facebook user who led a scammer on a wild and elongated goose chase, which was hilarious.

In another addition to the ongoing list of scammer being completely outfoxed and exposed in their relentless pursuit of money, we have Jay Hall from Virginia, USA.

According to Bored Panda, Jay had been contacted by a random person potentially pretending to be a girl called 'Beatrice Stephenson' in the hope that they could fool him into partaking in a common iTunes vouchers scam.

Except Jay saw it coming from a mile off but rather than call them out immediately he decided to play the long game and have some fun.

Speaking to Bored Panda he said:

I have not been targeted in past by this particular iTunes scam but I have had friends and family who have.

Unfortunately, some people really do fall for this sort of thing.

I just wanted to waste as much time of the scammers time as I could

I was also bored at the time, haha. I came up with the script as it happened.

Jay took screenshots of his interaction with 'Beatrice' and shared them on Imgur and it's easy to see why they went viral.

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