Ivanka Trump's long neck has gone viral: "I can't unsee it"

Ivanka Trump's long neck has gone viral: "I can't unsee it"
Ivanka Trump arrives back at court to testify in Donald Trump fraud …

In recent times, we’ve become accustomed to the Trump family making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now, the internet is talking about Ivanka Trump for possibly one of the oddest reasons – the length of her neck.

Interest in her lengthy neck occurred as she gave testimony in court at her father Donald Trump’s fraud trial, at which her presence being requested was enough to enrage her father.

After her appearance on 8 November, pictures from inside the courtroom began to circulate on social media with people questioning if her neck was always that long.

In court, she wore a navy blue suit and a white t-shirt with her blonde hair worn down in a loose curl.

On X/Twitter, one user shared a picture of her taken from the court appearance and asked in the caption, “Is it me, or does Ivanka Trump have an extra long neck? Not photoshopped or doctored.”

Someone else said, “Now I've seen how long Ivanka Trump’s neck is, I can’t unsee it”.

Others turned the length of her neck into a joke, suggesting that, unlike the fictional character Pinocchio, whose nose grows longer when he lies, Ivanka Trump’s neck grows longer instead.

Another joked: “Ivanka Trump: also distancing her head from the rest of her body. Because what in the brontosaurus is up with her neck?”

In her testimony, Ivanka Trump said she could not “recall” many things she was being questioned about, namely her involvement with the valuation of her father’s assets.

Donald Trump, along with his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr, and other execs from the Trump Organization are being sued for defrauding banks and investors by overvaluing the former president’s net worth and assets – allegations they deny.

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