Jacinda Ardern praised for 'incredible' response to reporter who forgot his question on live TV

People are praising New Zealand's Prime Minister for her compassionate response to a reporter forgetting his question in the middle of a press conference.

When the NZ Herald's Jason Walls struggled for words, PM Jacinda Ardern responded:

We'll come back to you, no problem. I do worry about your sleep at the moment, though, Jason.

Ardern's kind comment was an instant hit in America, where President Trump's explosive relationship with the press is well documented.

President Trump recently erupted at CBS reporter Paula Reid, shouting "you know you're a fake" over her question.

Trump has also accused reporters of asking questions that are "nasty" and "threatening".

New Zealand were also praised for providing a sign language interpreter to cover press conferences, something which the White House is yet to do.

Interpreters in New Zealand are actually pretty iconic.

Kiwis are proud of the kind gesture by their "incredible" Prime Minister.

And the good news is that Jason has, indeed, gotten enough sleep recently.

It's heartening that even in a global crisis, some of our leaders are remembering to show a little humanity.

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