Someone made a compilation of every viral video of 2020 and it’s as terrifying as it sounds

We’ve been through a lot in 2020, and reliving through all of it may seem like too much to handle.

But one intrepid Twitter user has compiled all of the nation’s traumas into one video.

Earlier this week, Jake McBain shared his creation: a two-minute clip containing pretty much every viral video from this year that you could imagine. It’s unlikely you’ll find a better encapsulation of this chaotic year.

As the sounds of very intense violins play, the video cycles through dozens of memes that gained internet notoriety this year.

Notable figures that make an appearance include the people from that socially distanced conga line, Alison Hammond being her iconic self, and that Princess Diana meme.

We imagine watching it feels like the same thing Malcolm McDowell went through in A Clockwork Orange.

The results are both incredible and extremely cursed – and the internet seems to agree.

Some were in awe.

Others were horrified.

Meanwhile, some people are still just trying to absorb everything that happened this year.

Even Domino’s is a fan.

What a year it’s been.

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