YouTuber James Charles slammed for posting fake 'mugshot' pictures making his face look bruised
@jamescharles on Twitter

Beauty influencer James Charles posted photos of himself with fake injuries and people are calling him out.

While the pictures were presented without comment on Twitter, his caption on Instagram is 'mugshot'.

The 'mugshot challenge' encourages users to post fake mugshots, often with makeup cuts and bruises, to see what it might look like if they were arrested.

The challenge started on TikTok when one user posted: "After I saw Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's mugshots I've always wanted one! But I of course don't wanna get arrested so I'm doing it myself :)"

People were quick to point out that the 'challenge' is problematic.

It's also disturbingly similar to the TikTok trend of simulating injuries from domestic violence to 'raise awareness' for the issue.

And people are calling out James Charles for risking retraumatising victims with his photos.

In response to one fan's concerns, Charles stressed that his photos were supposed to look like a mugshot not like domestic abuse.

But cuts and bruises aren't a cute look, no matter what the intention.

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