James O’Brien said what we’re all thinking about the Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin beef

James O'Brien reacts to Elon Musk challenging Vladimir Putin

Tesla boss Elon Musk has challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to “single combat” for Ukraine via Twitter.

Yep, you read that correctly, and LBC’s James O’Brien said what we’re all thinking.

Referring to it as one of those stories that made him feel as though he’s “woken up from a fever dream”, O’Brien said: “Elon Musk, the Tesla fella, has challenged Vladimir Putin to a fight over the fate of Ukraine.”

A fever dream, or a dystopian nightmare perhaps.

It comes as Musk this morning tweeted: “I hereby challenge Владимир Путин [Vladimir Putin] to single combat Stakes are Україна [Ukraine].”

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Musk tagged the president of Russia’s official Twitter account and asked if he would accept the fight.

Putting his head in his hands, O’Brien continued: “And do you know what? I wonder actually, whether or not Putin’s ego which is clearly… tissue-thin, like almost all bullies in the history of the world, they are absolutely terrified of challenge.

“They run squealing and mewling for cover behind their mum’s aprons.”

O’Brien said that Musk is a big enough name, his cheeky tweet will probably make its way onto Putin’s desk at some point.

He continued: “He’s impugning your masculinity Vlad, he’s calling you a big girl’s blouse mate.

“I don’t know but goodness me, what a strange, strange time this is.”

Strange indeed.

Musk has previously made headlines for setting up the Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion, and he has previously mocked Russian officials on social media.

He’s well known for his Twitter antics, too. Earlier this month, he joked that he would send “space dragons with lasers” to Ukraine.

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