Jeff Bezos mocked by Fallon and Colbert for wearing cowboy hat after space trip: ‘He came back extra divorced’

<p>The ‘Tonight Show’ host mocked Bezos’ outfit choice as a ‘midlife crisis bundle’ </p>

The ‘Tonight Show’ host mocked Bezos’ outfit choice as a ‘midlife crisis bundle’

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Jimmy Fallon had some fun on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show – at the expense of Jeff Bezos. The TV host didn’t hold back in his six-minute roast of the billionaire's space excursion and was quick to highlight the Amazon founder’s questionable outfit choice and the shape of the rocket itself.

Bezos hopped aboard a phallic-looking rocket (aka Blue Origin’s New Shepard) just after 9:00 AM on Tuesday and shot himself to space with fellow passengers, 82-year-old Wally Funk and 18-year-old Dutch teen Oliver Daeman.

Fallon joked, “First Branson, now Bezos. Tomorrow Warren Buffett is trying to get up there with balloons, like the old guy from Up.”

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The NBC host continued to poke fun at Bezos, “You know you’re rich when you put that on and everyone who works for you goes, ‘Oh, it looks great. Yeah. You’re a man of the people, just going to space.’”

Fallon then made a move onto Bezos’ outfit choice. He said, “He got the spacesuit and cowboy hat together by searching for the ‘mid-life crisis bundle.’”

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“He looks like a mash-up between Buzz Lightyear and Woody: Two for one.”

Stephen Colbert chipped in, saying: “A cowboy hat? So he went into space and somehow became extra divorced.”

The excursion has been heavily criticised after the billionaire spent a notable amount of money on the trip when it could have gone to better use on Earth.

In a tone death comment, Bezos thanked Amazon employees and customers for funding his trip to space. “I want to thank every Amazon employee, and every Amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this,” he said.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart very much. It’s very appreciated.”

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