Jeffree Star claims he was targeted by the 'illuminati'

Jeffree Star claims he was targeted by the 'illuminati'
YouTuber Jeffree Star Recovering After Car Accident In Wyoming

YouTube personality and beauty guru Jeffree Star claimed he was targeted by "the Illuminati."

In a series of interesting tweets, he revealed that he was "grateful" to survive the experience of breaking away from the group in 2021.

He also detailed the challenges with the Illuminati and discussed the other drama he has been involved in the past year.

"You have no idea what you are talking about… It's 10 times worse than you can ever imagine. Just be thankful you are on the other side," Star tweeted on 30 December.

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The same day, the content creator detailed an incident with "the Hollywood elite" who tried to "ruin" his career in "days."

"The Hollywood elite tried to ruin my entire career, villainize me, and flooded the news with lies to discredit me. If you guys only knew the truth about what they are doing to Britney & Kayne," he wrote.

In subsequent tweets, the cosmetics owner also said that he "still has a soul" and anyone who goes against the elite "gets eliminated."

Star was in the midst of rumours at the start of 2021 when people believed he was romantically connected to Kanye West after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Speaking on Dave Portnoy's BBF's podcast in January 2021, Star said that he "played" into the West dating rumour because it was so random.

He also said that the rapper and designer was "too short" for him.

Although Star remains a viral creator, he has also faced fire after he was accused of racism.

In 2017, he posted a video apology for his past derogatory remarks he made on Myspace. He allegedly said he wanted to toss battery acid on a Black woman to lighten her skin.

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