Who is Jeffree Star?

Who is Jeffree Star?
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Chances are you've come across Jeffree Star, 36, at some point – whether that's due to his notable social media following or the many controversies tied to his name.

He became hugely popular with one of the biggest channels in the YouTube space, which led to his own cosmetic line.

Star has, however, been embroiled in countless scandals, controversies and feuds.

Who is Jeffree Star?

Born in Los Angeles, California, Jeffree Star is a YouTuber, makeup artist, entrepreneur and former singer-songwriter with an estimated net worth of $210 million (£171.4 million).

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Star, who identifies as androgynous (partly male and partly female in appearance), first rose to fame during the days of Myspace. He quickly made a name for himself by posting blogs and vlogs as early as 2003 – which went hand-in-hand with his eccentric style and outspoken personality.

Back in 2009, Star told OUT Magazine that people were fascinated with his gender identity.

"At the end of the day I’m just all about pro-expression," he said, adding: "I don’t wear fake tits or wigs, so I don’t really consider myself a drag queen, but I am really obsessed and inspired by fashion in general."

He added: "I don’t really call myself anything. I am a guy, I don’t want to have a sex change — you know, my mom blessed me — so, I’m going to stay a man and look like a girl and everyone’s gonna f*ckin’ like it."

Despite making brand endorsements much later in his career, Star's first taste of fame was down to his music.

From the mid-2000s to the early 2010s, Star made a string of emo-electronica tracks. His first song, 'We Want C---' went viral, before releasing 'Plastic Surgery Slumber Party' in 2007 and his only studio album, Beauty Killer in 2009.

Jeffree Star - We Want Cunt (HQ)www.youtube.com

Star went on to sign a deal with Akon's label in 2010 but never released a second album.

Later in 2018, Star told Shane Dawson that his personality clashed with Akon, leading him to quit music in 2013.

Star has been open about his sobriety, telling Shane Dawson, "I've never tried alcohol before, which people don't believe, I've just smoked weed,"

"I've never tried coke, ecstasy, nothing. I've never sipped a beer, never tried wine, but I have a sweet tooth, so all that sugar really accelerated how f---ed my teeth were."

Star's YouTube career

Star launched his YouTube channel on 15 February 2006, where he continues to post tutorials, vlogs and brutally honest make-up reviews. His savage review of Tarte Cosmetics led the brand to expand its concealer shade range.

He now has 16 million subscribers on the platform, with his most viral clip titled, 'FULL FACE OF BRANDS THAT HATE ME' receiving a staggering 43 million views.


Star founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014

Star's immense success led him to launch his very own make-up line. According toCosmopolitan, all 30,000 units of the initial line sold out in a few minutes.

In 2018, Forbes reported that he sells over $100 million (£794 million) of products annually.

A year later, Star's warehouse was ransacked by burglars who stole $2.5 million (£2 million) of make-up.

Star doesn't shy away from controversy

Star has been involved in countless celebrity feuds and controversies. Some of which have sparked fury across social media to have him cancelled.

He was accused of racism due to derogatory remarks made on Myspace, where he allegedly stated he wanted to throw battery acid on a Black woman to lighten her skin so it would match her foundation. Star later apologised.

In 2020, he apologised again for his resurfaced website, Lipstick Nazi, which featured images of swastikas and photos of self-harm.

Later in the year, in a report by journalist Kat Tenbarge, Star was accused of multiple instances of sexual assault, assault, and paying $10,000 (£8,100) in hush money to accusers.

An attorney denied all allegations.

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