Man pretends to be Jeffrey Dahmer to freak his family out in …

A YouTuber is facing backlash after posting a video in which he pretended to live like the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for 24 hours.

Last month, streaming site Netflix released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – a dramatised show about the man who killed 17 men and boys.

Because of his horrific crimes, YouTuber DuB Bridge, who has 1.36 million subscribers, has faced criticism after posting a video captioned, “Jefferey Dahmer For 24 Hours . . .”

In the video, Bridge appeared to be at home and explaining to someone behind the camera what Dahmer did and what the Netflix show was about.

Bridge said: “It’s about him, you know, doing monstrous things — people being a cannibal and stuff like that but I just really honestly believed that he was just misconstrued. Like he grew up wrong and it was just like that was the only way that he could tame it.”

Later in the video, the camera panned away from Bridge, then when it returned, he was wearing a blonde wig and glasses. He attempted to persuade the camera operator to have a drink which is suggested to have been laced with poison.

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The YouTuber, dressed in the same outfit, then went to a liquor store and told staff there he was Jeffrey Dahmer, sparking confusion among some workers.

In another part of the clip, he appeared to go to a friend’s house and put a powdered substance in a beer and try to get his friend to drink it. The friend then proceeded to “pass out” after drinking it.

Jefferey Dahmer For 24 Hours . .

The video has been viewed over 200,000 times, but not everyone was amused at the YouTuber making content based on an evil serial killer.

One person in the comments argued: “Now if the victims were y’all brother or cousin y’all wouldn’t think it’s cute.”

Another said: “Feels kinda weird laughing and making jokes about it. Considering it's real.”

Someone else commented: “Y’all really have no respect for the families of these victims … smh.”

“I’m never one to be sensitive about ANYTHING on the internet. However, some things you should just have compassion about and should not do. This is one of them. People were victims at the end of the day. This could have stayed in the vault,” another person added.

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