Jeopardy fans roast current champ as ‘most annoying of all time’

While viewers were impressed with ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant Matt Amodio’s impressive six-game winning streak, there’s just one pet peeve they couldn’t get past.

As LeVar Burton’s guest-hosting week continues, one of his contestants, a PhD student from New Haven, Connecticut, exhausted viewers by repeatedly using the word, “what’s”, regardless of whether the answer was about a person – in which, it would be “who.”

On Wednesday’s episode, some of the answers were the names of people – ‘John Cleese’, ‘Jim Parsons’, ‘Anna Faris’. The contestant responded, “What’s Cleese?”, “what’s Parsons?”, “what’s Faris?” which led viewers to believe he was “the most annoying contestant ever.”

Some fans of the ABC show may not have noticed the quirk or viewed it as an issue, but social media grammar police certainly did and were quick to express their frustrations.

One creative Twitter user came up with a genius idea – drink every time Matt starts his sentence with “what’s.”

One suggested the guest host lost his cool with the contestant, while Matt's repetitiveness drove another to madness.

While another compared it to the jarring sound of ‘nails to a chalkboard.’

And many more couldn’t contain their frustration.

Some, however, didn’t mind Matt’s quirk as he was the first champion that the show had in a while. “Y’all better get used to and get over hearing ‘What’s’ because I think Matt’s going to be on Jeopardy! for a while. And I’m here for it.” One Twitter user highlighted.

Jeopardy airs weeknights.

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