People are sharing ‘photobombs’ with Jeremy Corbyn after Angela Rayner said he photobombed promotional snap
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After Angela Rayner was spotted posing for a photo with Jeremy Corbyn – the former Labour leader who faced criticism for his handling of antisemitism while in charge of the party – sources close to the deputy leader told Jewish News that she had in fact been “photobombed”.

The photo, also featuring Brent North MP Barry Gardiner, was taken to promote his Private Members’ Bill to stop ‘fire and rehire’ – a practice which sees an employer dismiss a staff member before offering to reemploy them on a new agreement – and apparently sparked outrage amongst campaigners against antisemitism in the party.

However, Rayner’s claim that what appeared to be a formal photo for Gardiner’s bill was actually a case of a Corbyn photobomb has since been mocked online, with #CorbynPhotoBomb trending on Twitter.

Ridiculing the idea that Corbyn’s involvement in the posed snap was unintentional, snaps in the hashtag feature the now independent MP smiling with supporters in what is, most definitely, a deliberate photograph:

Clearly, Corbyn’s camera wizardry must be stopped.

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