Jeremy Corbyn ate a Pringle and the internet loves it


Jeremy Corbyn made an impression on the internet from Cambridge last night.

Not just for his performance at the BBC debate, which was commendable but not spectacular.

But for munching down on a Pringle as he left the venue to address the public gathered outside.

Obviously due to the railings, the transition was tricky, and the Pringle had to be tipped into Jeremy's hand through the divide, but the Labour Leader avoided any Miliband/bacon-esque gaffes.

For more on the difficulties of eating Pringles at the bottom of a can please see expert Bo Burnham.

The internet (meaning Twitter) loved it. Because the internet (meaning Twitter) is young and left-leaning.

What a time to be alive.

Maybe Theresa would have turned up if she knew there'd be crisps?

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