Football coach says he drinks six triple espressos a day and people want to know how he's still alive

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Ohio State University's new Buckeyes football defensive coordinator Jim Knowles revealed that he drinks six triple espressos daily - and people want to know how he's still alive.

In a video shared on social media, Knowles spoke at a press conference and was asked how much coffee he drinks in a day.

"Not that many…six," Knowles said, which sparked laughter in the crowd.

"I'll make the coffee, and then I'll put a triple espresso on top of the coffee. But that just counts as one," he continued.

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With the mention that Knowles drinks only six cups a day of coffee, with three espresso shots in each, exactly one cup equals eight ounces, so six cups would be 48 ounces. Then there are also the 18 espresso shots.

Once people saw the clip online, they couldn't help but poke fun and wonder how Knowles is able to keep going. Others shared that they drink a similar amount of caffeine.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Can confirm if I drank as much coffee as OSU defensive coordinator Jim Knowles my heart would explode. #Buckeyes #Caffeine."

"Is that in the morning," another added while a third wrote, "Yeah, but is it quality coffee?"

Someone else added, "Why else [do] you think he's doing so well?"

Well, it seems that coffee hasn't slowed anything down.

According to Barstool Sports, the Buckeyes, an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision that represents the university in the East Division of the Big Ten Conference, is now ranked 7th in the US in Total Defense.

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