Jimmy Kimmel hosts 'Karen Oscars' showing worst anti-mask meltdowns

Jimmy Kimmel hosts 'Karen Oscars' showing worst anti-mask meltdowns
Jimmy Kimmel shows compilation of worst in-flight mask mandate meltdowns

As the US airline mask mandate comes to an end, Jimmy Kimmel decided to memorialize all the times people had meltdowns over wearing a mask on a plane by handing out fake awards.

On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host spoke about the end of the mask mandate saying, "it's time to say goodbye to viral videos of Karens and Aarons having anti-mask meltdowns in mid-air."

A federal judge in Florida struck down the mask mandate on Monday leading airlines to drop their mask requirement. Videos emerged from people aboard flights taking their masks off upon the news.

But before moving on, Kimmel said they would recognize "the very best of the very worst" meltdowns in the first "Unruly Awards" a clear spoof of award shows.

Kimmel proceeded to show a compilation of viral videos where people threw tantrums and each one was given a specific award.

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Winners included: "Outstanding Dramatic Mask Removal", "Outstanding Use of Expletives", "Outstanding White Woman Comparing Herself to Rosa Parks", "Outstanding Use of Substitute Mask", "Outstanding Use of Packing Materials", and "Outstanding Non-Verbal Protest".

Each "winner" featured a video of a person not complying with airline mask mandate rules whether it was using women's underwear as a mask or shouting expletives at airline staff.

"Each of them will be getting rabies shots," Kimmel joked at the end of the segment.

Delta, United, Alaska, JetBlue, American, Southwest, and Frontier Airlines have all dropped their requirements thus far.

The judge that struck down the rule argued that CDC overstepped their legal authority in requiring passengers and airline staff to wear masks, now leaving it up to individual airlines and transit authorities to enforce the rules.

While masks are no longer required, passengers may still wear them if they choose to as per CDC guidance.

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