Biden fans joke this is a sign Dark Brandon fanboys turning into cult

Biden fans joke this is a sign Dark Brandon fanboys turning into cult
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Some supporters of President Joe Biden seem to be keeping an eye on whether the Dark Brandon fanboys are turning into a cult.

For those unaware of the "Brandon" reference, it stems from the catchphrase "Let's go, Brandon," a phrase that was first referenced at a NASCAR race in October.

Driver Brandon Brown had won his first Xfinity Series race victory and was being interviewed by an NBC Sports reporter.

During the interview, a majorly Republican crowd erupted into chants, which the interviewed believed, "let's go, Brandon."

But, it became clear that they yelled: "F***Joe Biden."

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It has since spread among right-wing circles, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) signing with a "Let's Go Brandon" sign at the World Series.

But despite starting among conservatives, Biden supporters gave the trend a new breath of life, turning it into something positive.

And since then a spin-off version under "Dark Brandon" is often accompanied by edited depictions of Biden as an all-powerful mastermind figure.

In early August, the Biden administration said it killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike, which prompted social media to be overcome with "Dark Brandon" memes to acknowledge and celebrate.

But now, Dark Brandon is seemingly taking a darker route, following Biden's student loan forgiveness initiative announced on Wednesday (24 August).

According to a screenshot of a comment on a Dark Brandon subreddit, the person who shared the statement said that Dark Brandon is being critised for moving too far right for "forgiving any amount of debt."

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The post ended: "But to dark Brandon, there is no right or left. There is only the Dark, and darkness will march over the face of the Earth. It will be the end, not just of the right or the left malarkey, but ALL malarkey."

This was followed up by a comment questioning Dark Brandon's direction.

"A-are we forming a cult?" someone asked to which another commenter added: "Believe it, Jack."

The image of the conversation was uploaded to Twitter, and people had many things to say.

"Is Dark Brandon becoming a cult? Believe it, Jack," one person wrote, referencing the subreddit.

"Been shopping for a cult," another quipped.

A third jokingly added: "Is this the birth of Joe-Anon?

Check out other reactions below.

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