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The protestations against the US ‘travel ban’ imposed on persons from seven Muslim majority countries has been met with organised protests in the US at America’s international airports.

In addition, British citizens who share dual citizenship with one of the seven mentioned countries were unsure as to their legal status.

Among them were Olympic athlete Mo Farah and Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi.

A series of telephone calls on Sunday between the foreign and commonwealth secretary Boris Johnson and senior advisors to President Trump confirmed that such citizens with dual citizenship would be permitted to enter the US without visa restrictions, but some, would remain subject to extra scrutiny at the border.

Johnson’s department issued a statement on Sunday, in a bid to clarify the policy.

The only dual nationals who might have extra checks are those coming from one of the seven countries themselves – for example a UK-Libya dual national coming from Libya to the US.

As the news was announced on Sunday, Ukip’s only MP Douglas Carswell, responded to Sky News political reporter Sophie Ridge.

His comments were open to be interpreted as deeply sarcastic.

Smelling a rat, Labour peer, and former deputy prime minister John Prescott replied to Carswell.

Prezza has still got it.

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