Jordan Belfort advises 25-year-old to quit $60k a year job: ‘You’re never going to get ahead in life’

The real Wolf of Wall Street has turned to TikTok to answer burning questions from his 3.3 million followers. One particular controversial clip has caused a storm online after he urged a 25-year-old to quit his $60,000 a year job and “get a better” one.

Jordan Belfort, who lived a rags-to-riches-to-jail tale for related crimes related to stock-market manipulation, offered his advice to a 25-year-old working a nine to five job.

“Quit this job,” he proclaimed without hesitation. “Get a better job. You’ve gotta’ think bigger!”

“You’re never gonna get rich, you’re never gonna get ahead in life or have financial security working for someone else,” he reeled off.

Belfort proceeded to rant about “old” traditional career paths that are “planted in our heads” through the schooling system. He bluntly suggested that these “traditional” ways will essentially make the 25-year-old “die and retire with no money.”

“You’ll have no independence, you’ll be relying on other people in the social system,” the pessimistic 59-year-old added.

He continued to advise his millennial fan to “start getting a second income together.” Otherwise, he’d be in a “dead-end way of living life financially.”

“You’re not gonna get ahead like this,” he reiterated.

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Answer to @jakecorey This is the best advice I can give. #wolfofwallstreet

The clip racked a staggering 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours and has been inundated with thousands of concerned comments – many of whom were warning the 25-year-old against the entrepreneur’s impulsive advice. “Do not quit your job because of this – $60k at 25 is very good”, one said, while another user added, “$60k at 25 is good, not everyone scams for a living.”

“You scammed for all of your money,” another fellow TikToker commented. “Some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard, if everyone did that then the world wouldn’t work. Don’t listen to this fool.”

“Bro DO NOT take this man’s advice. I love his content but $60k at 25 is BALLIN”, another added, while one joked: “*Jake did in fact quit his job and now makes zero dollars a year*”.

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