The View's Joy Behar sparks debate for saying Gen Z should 'get a job'

The View's Joy Behar sparks debate for saying Gen Z should 'get a job'
Joy Behar is writing a tell-all book
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Social media conversations have recently revealed that Gen Z are afraid of turning 30 – a discussion that dominated a recent episode of The View.

Whoopi Goldberg started the segment by reeling off what Gen Z (defined as those born between 1997 and 2012) are supposedly afraid of, including losing stamina and sex appeal, losing value as they age and getting wrinkles.

"In defence of Gen Z, they’re not hitting the milestones the way every generation before them did," Farah Griffin argued. "They’re owning homes at a lower rate. This is wild, 45 per cent of people between 18 to 29 still live with their parents."

She added: "They feel left behind by the economy."

But, fellow co-host Joy Behar was having none of it.

"Oh please, get a job," she hit back.

Griffin attempted to contextualise her point by adding: "They have to work multiple jobs. Life is so unaffordable. Talk to any of our staff."

Behar stood by her point and doubled down: "There’s a million job openings in this country!"

Why Is Gen Z Afraid Of Turning 30? | The

Sunny Hostin stepped in to try and defend the generation, given her two children fall into that age group.

"They’ve also lived through a pandemic, they’ve lived through the worst of times," Hostin told Behar. "I’m raising two Gen Zers, so I wanna just defend them a little bit."

"I didn’t even start my career until I was 40," Behar hit back. "And I’ve been here for 125 years."

A debate soon broke out in the comments, with one person suggesting: "Whoopi and Joy are so dismissive when it comes to the younger generation."

Another claimed the pair are "the first to complain about ageism, then go and do it to younger folk."

They continued: "Sunny hit the nail on the head. There’s an uncertainty about the future with the cost of living. Joy says, 'Get a job!' Well, girl, most of the Gen Z kids I know are working multiple jobs and going to school, living with their parents or multiple roommates."

Meanwhile, one Gen-Zer wrote: "Thank you Sunny, Sara, and Alyssa. I'm a Gen Z and was born between 1999 and I loved what y'all said here."

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