People are digging a giant hole in America for no reason

People are digging a giant hole in America for no reason
Picture: Cards Against Humanity/YouTube

Some human beings were put on this earth just to see it burn.

The creators of Cards Against Humanity are digging a hole somewhere in America.

The digging of this hole, which is currently being live-streamed on Youtube, has been made possible thanks to the donations that have been pouring in via their website.

In just a few days, the 'Holiday Hole' racked up $92,951 (£74,465).

What with all these people paying in, there must be a purpose behind the hole?

To find the lost city of Atlantis? To reach China?

Card’s Against Humanity say:


Right...but the money must be going to some sort of cause? A charity?


Again, Cards Against Humanity say:

Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.

They are digging a "tremendous hole in the ground" for no other reason than because they can.

During last year’s Black Friday, the creators of the popular card game charged people $5 “for nothing”, and in 2014 they sold people “actual bulls—t” for $6, with the proceeds going to charity.

On average, they're making $0.4 per hour, and will be digging for another eight hours.

It'll be 'yuge'.

indy100 has contacted Cards Against Humanity to find out why.

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