Justin Trudeau just settled the Die Hard-Christmas movie argument

It's official: Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

This month, the internet split over whether or not Die Hard - a film where, essentially, Bruce Willis kills a lot of people at Christmas time - is a Christmas movie.

Now, a world leader has now stepped into the fray - and not just any old head of government.

Yep, Justin Trudeau was asked about the Bruce Willis film during a series of rapid-fire questions on Breakfast Television.

The Prime Minister sounded pretty certain in his answer:

Yes, Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie.

There's no question about it

Admittedly, a YouGov poll found that half of people think a movie set at Christmas, but not about Christmas, is not a Christmas movie.

But this is not a referendum and Justin Trudeau has spoken.

Not everyone agrees with Trudeau's ruling.

Yet many others welcome his decision.

So snuggle up tonight, get in the Christmas spirit and watch Die Hard. Yippie Ki Yay.

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