Kanika Batra responds after being accused of being the 'female Andrew Tate'

Kanika Batra responds after being accused of being the 'female Andrew Tate'
Andrew Tate called out for misogynistic comments by Piers Morgan

Kanika Batra, a TikToker who claimed to be a diagnosed sociopath, responded to people who called her the “female Andrew Tate.”

Batra, who goes by @notkanikabatra on TikTok, made a name for herself by discussing what it’s like to be a sociopath and how it affects her life and the lives of others closest to her.

However, some people aren’t the biggest fans of her.

The model and Miss Universe GB finalist has been compared to the former professional kickboxer and controversial content creator who was banned from many social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

In a recent video on TikTok, Batra spoke about the comparisons, explaining why she doesn’t share the same sentiments with people calling her the female version of Tate.

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Within the clip which was 43-seconds-long, the content creator said she had no clue why people believe she hates men.

“I talk about mental health and instead of listening, men seem to just insult my physical appearance. I’m not insecure, so I’m fine with that, but there are plenty of women who are,” Batra said.

She also went on to claim that some men believe that all women are narcissists and deserve the abuse they received, aiming at those who stay with those individuals.

“Some women still stick up with these men which I find absolutely ridiculous. Ladies, it’s time for some pushback. I’m a sociopath, trust me when I say these men are gaslighting you,” she said at the end of the video.


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People took to the video’s comment section to stand with Batra, with some even saying that Tate could never get to her “level.”

One person wrote: “Tbh, I like listening to your videos and I enjoy hearing your point of view. Keep talking!”

“Andrew Tate could never reach your level, queen,” another added while a third wrote: “Ur who Andrew Tate wants to be.“

Someone else added: “They feel threatened because you are strong.”

It still is up in the air if this video will quell haters or if the Tate comparisons will increase.

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