There have been some questionableand arguably tone-deaf Halloween outfits over the years. This year, the attention has been turned to a new addition that has hit the stores, a ‘Karen’ costume – and some people on Twitter are outraged.

The costume includes a short blonde wig and a pair of sunglasses, which pays homage to the popular meme that catapulted the name into pop culture significance. For some, the controversial costume isn’t a big deal.

But here’s the issue: A ‘Karen’ tends to describe a bigoted middle-class white woman who exploits her privilege to her advantage – for example, demanding to see the manager and someone who thrives off belittling people.

The name evolved into shorthand for its connotations with racism after far too many videos surfaced online of white women involved in prejudicial attacks and were subsequently called a ‘Karen.’

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People have taken to Twitter to express their anger, and accused manufacturers of “profiting off racist entitled white women.”

“I don’t see sh*t funny bout that, that’s the face of either someone that’s gonna get you fired from your job or cause you bodily harm when she crashes her car into you”, one said, while another claimed that the ‘Karen’ costume was “weaponizing whiteness into a joke.”

While others suggested that it turned racism into a joke, “Lol racism is just a joke these days.” Another added, “No, wait cause America rly think everything a joke”

One Twitter user said, “I like how they profiting off racist entitled white woman and using a word ppl use to call them out into a trendy Halloween costume…but ima be quiet-”

Another said: “Some of them don’t even need a costume! They expose themselves daily!”

Women named Karen are also unhappy with their name's connotations, after Karen Heyman called the meme “misogynistic and ageist” to the LA Times.

“Columnists should be objecting to it rather than making excuses for it”, she said.

“As someone who was bullied as a child, I refuse to humor a trend that mocks my name. Woe be unto you if you keep insulting your middle-aged readers.”

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