Controversial 'Karen' diner apologises after calling guest a 'paedo'

Controversial 'Karen' diner apologises after calling guest a 'paedo'
Diner waitress shuts down rude customer on video

Karen's Diner, the infamous eatery well-known for deliberately insulting customers, is facing criticism after one employee took the playful quips a bit too far.

According to Courier Mail, the Howard family from Brisbane was left "disgusted" over the weekend following their Karen's Diner experience at Westfield Chermside after a staff member made inappropriate comments.

Although Stacey Howard was dining with his family during the restaurant's "child-friendly" hours before 5pm, one waiter called his daughter an "OnlyFans tart."

Howard explained to the outlet that his daughter was doing a Facebook live, and a young man walked up to them and said, "Are you on OnlyFans, you tart? – Here's some content for you" while pretending to "w**k himself off and jizz on the table," he said.

After that comment, Howard recalled to Courier Mail that his daughter's "mouth hit the floor."

But things continued to escalate.

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Howard said that his daughter sat on his lap because she had worries and the waiter said: "'What are you a paedo?', 'Are you all having sex with each other?'"

He also said that the same waiter who said this to his daughter also called a young boy a c***.

"The epitome of a Karen for us is someone who whinges, but the amount of swearing and vulgarness on that Sunday was just crazy," Howard said before noting that his family is fine with "a bit of banter and a laugh," but it reached a level that was "vulgar."

He added: "My daughter and my mother-in-law were just sitting there dumbfounded. It got that uncomfortable that we just stood up and left."

A spokesperson for the restaurant told Courier Mail that they were "disappointed" to hear about Stacey's dining experience and "wholeheartedly" apologise.

"The actions of this particular staff member are inexcusable and are against everything we believe in as a brand," they said.

"We are putting tighter training protocols in place immediately to ensure something like this never happens again."

Elsewhere, a group of intentionally rude diners were kicked out of a Melbourne restaurant for "being out of order toward staff'.

The family was escorted out of the venue a little before police arrived.

No criminal offences were reported by either party involved.

"Unfortunately, we had some customers who breached the rules and were being out of order towards staff, and therefore, they were asked to leave the venue," a spokesperson told Daily Mail.

The Karen's Diner website has warned customers that the venue doesn't tolerate any "homophobic," "sexist," "ableist," "racist," or "sexual remarks" against the staff.

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