Kate Middleton appears to be given the cold shoulder by Jamaican politician

Kate Middleton appears to be given the cold shoulder by Jamaican politician
Protests in Kingston, Jamaica continue against Kate and Will tour
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Footage of the Duchess of Cambridge seemingly being snubbed by a Jamaican politician has gone viral on social media.

Kate Middleton was filmed sitting next to People's National Party MP Lisa Hanna after arriving in the country on Tuesday, but some royal fans reckon they spotted Hanna brushing off Middleton as she was about to speak.

During a ceremonial welcome after touching down at Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport, the royal sat alongside the former Miss World turned politician.

To make things a little awkward from the get-go, Hanna’s party is in favour of removing the Queen as head of state.

And in a clip that’s been doing the rounds on Twitter, at one point Middleton smiles and looks as though she’s about to say something, only for Hanna to turn away.

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Since it was uploaded to the platform on Tuesday night, the clip has received almost 850,000 views.

Hmm… we’re not convinced it was an intentional snub, though.

It’s more likely she was genuinely unaware, and it’s a little unfair to imply Hanna was unwelcoming in any way based on an out-of-context five-second clip - especially since they seemed to be best pals in other snaps.

Taking to Twitter, Hanna herself dispelled any rumours of awkwardness between them, remarking: “We had a very interactive and pleasant conversation throughout the proceedings as we talked about family, our cultures and our people.”

Middleton and her heir husband William are currently touring the Caribbean, but their jaunt has not been without controversy.

The pair have been met with criticism in Jamaica, with some calling for an apology for human rights abuses and reparations for slavery.

There have also been calls for Jamaica to oust the Queen as head of state and declare itself a republic, like neighbouring island Barbados did in 2021.

The leader of the People’s National Party, Mark Golding, is in favour of Jamaica becoming a republic and lobbying Britain for reparations. He said during the royal visit he intends to make “his views on these fundamental issues known to the royals”, The Independent reports.

He said: “Constructive dialogue is the best way to move this process forward, and attending these events provides an opportunity for this.

“The issues at hand are not about current personalities, but rather about the imperative of a principled reckoning with the past, and I intend to communicate directly our position on these issues.”

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