'Where is Kate Middleton' memes accused of 'making a bad situation' worse

'Where is Kate Middleton' memes accused of 'making a bad situation' worse
Kate Middleton returns to Windsor after abdominal surgery: 'Making good progress'
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“Where is Kate Middleton?"

It’s the question social media users have been asking over the past few days, sharing memes that have been criticised by plenty for ‘making a bad situation worse’.

At any rate, the answer to where Kate is has already been answered. An update on the Princess of Wales’s health was revealed by Kensington Palace as she recovers from successful abdominal surgery at home.

A statement from Kensington Palace also noted that the Duchess of Cambridge wouldn't be returning to public duties until after Easter, but Prince William skipping a royal ceremony on Tuesday (February 27) due to a "personal matter" led to further speculation.

The Palace told The Independent that she is “doing well” on Wednesday after she underwent the planned operation for an undisclosed condition on 16 January.

The Princess of Wales has been out of the limelight for two months because of the surgery – and making light of a serious condition isn’t helping anyone.

Twitter/X is a shadow of its former self, but just occasionally it'll prove its worth and remind us all why we were so taken with it not so long ago. One of those cases is the hilariously bleak Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow, which saw the site inundated with brilliant reactions.

But this isn't the case with the Duchess of Cambridge. Just like the “vile” Titan Sub meme reaction which broke the boundaries of decency and showed the internet at its worst, the response to Kate's lack of public appearances have left a bad taste in the mouth.

A subset of social media users, understandably, have some pretty strong feelings about this.

One wrote: "Just want to put it out there that I don’t give a single f*** about the whereabouts of Kate Middleton or your theories on it. I don’t wish her any bad, but she has absolutely no impact on my life (or yours) so maybe shut the f*** about her."

“Kate Middleton is not missing! She’s recovering from major surgery,” another said. “Her family knows where she is, she’s home recuperating with her children. We aren’t owed proof of life. She may be ill, she may be struggling. Stop making a bad situation worse. #KateMiddleton.”

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