YouTuber celebrates NSFW Nair tutorial video getting millions of views

YouTuber celebrates NSFW Nair tutorial video getting millions of views
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Kevin Leonardo/YouTube

A YouTuber is celebrating after his NSFW Nair hair removal tutorial video goes viral with millions of views.

The video was posted by YouTuber Kevin Leonardo and gave viewers a more intimate demo than they may have been expecting after demonstrating exactly how he uses Nair hair removal cream to get rid of hair on his butt crack.

The age-restricted video is titled “Removing BUTT HAIRS Using NAIR Cream - A Visual Guide!” and has been viewed 6.5 million times at the time of writing, having been posted just over a week ago.

The video begins with a naked Leonardo showing just how hairy his butt is in a vivid display. Next, he squeezes Nair Body Cream hair remover into his hand and applies it to the area.

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Afte three minutes go he wipes the cream off and gives viewers an “after” demonstration, showing the final results and his now hairless butt.

Taking to Twitter, Leonardo celebrated his NSFW video going viral with millions of views. He wrote: “1 week later and now 3.2 million people know how to use Nair on their butts. You’re welcome!!”

It has caused quite a stir across social media, with some watching the video out of curiosity and being shocked at what they saw.

One shocked viewer tweeted: “I watched the Nair guy tutorial video and trust me, I’m still traumatized.”

According to YouTube’s policy, a ban on nudity applies when it is intended for “sexual gratification”.

The rules state: “Don't post content on YouTube if it shows: The depiction of clothed or unclothed genitals, breasts or buttocks that are meant for sexual gratification

“Pornography, the depiction of sexual acts, or fetishes that are meant for sexual gratification.”

It also reserves the right to age-restrict content that includes nudity but does not violate its policy on nudity and sexual content.

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