KFC brilliantly mocks McDonald's in Trump 'nuclear button' tweet

iStock / MoMorad

You wouldn't think Twitter could get much more simultaneously bizarre and terrifying than Donald Trump using the site as a platform threaten nuclear war with North Korea.

The President's threat came in response to the North Korean leader's New Year's Day speech, in which he said that a "nuclear button is always on my desk".​

Trump responded:

But the 'leader of the free world' wasn't the only one waging a war of words against his enemy.

The might of KFC UK & Ireland weighed in too, taking aim at McDonald's with a parody of Trump's tweet.

Before the KFC parody, Trump's tweet had already garnered much attention and many Twitter users reported it.

But the people of Twitter generally took more kindly to the fast food giant's version than the President's - perhaps because KFC only threatened McDonald's with gravy, rather than nuclear war.

When a food company succeeds in mocking you, maybe it's time for a rethink.

However, some people weren't so charmed by the KFC social media team's efforts.

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