Viewer calls up gym where man appears to film streamer working out to report him

Viewer calls up gym where man appears to film streamer working out to report him
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A model and streamer refused to report a man who appeared to film her without her consent as she worked out at a gym - so a viewer called up the gym to tell a staff member what happened.

Demisux live broadcast a gym session during an eight-hour long stream on Kick on April 15.

As part of her workout, she ran intervals on the treadmill.

Towards the end of her stint on the treadmill, it appears a man walked behind her in the background recording the back of her on his phone as she worked out.

Viewers commented in the chat immediately with Demisux then looking around, asking "did he actually?"

While still running, she said: "Aw hell nah. Aw HELL NAH. Ew. That's so gross. Y'all think he's going to go home and like... Ewwww..."

Viewers urged Demisux to tell gym staff and report him but she refused.

"No-one is going to do anything about it. They're just gonna be like 'yeah bro don't do it again'," she said.

She then appeared to do the same to him to call it 'even'.

The stream dropped out briefly before Demisux said: "I came up here to perhaps get a protein drink and when I walked over here, the dude who works here came up to me and asked me if I needed help or anything.

"The guy who was on the treadmill like broke his neck and was just staring like he thought I was going to snitch on him or something which just goes to show he definitely did something bad."

She said she delayed leaving after finishing her workout because she "doesn't feel safe".

But she refused to report him.

Demisux said: "It's the same as me streaming and walking around while they're being recorded.

"Obviously it's a little different because... I don't know, I don't want to be that girl. I don't want to ban him."

A phone then rang at reception with Demisux asking if it was someone in the chat calling - a member of staff picked up the call to indeed be told what happened by someone who was watching the stream.

The member of staff then went over to Demisux.

He said: "I don't know who just called, but they said the girl at the front, some guy was recording you while you were recording and they just hung up."

Demisux told the staff member what happened.

He asked what the guy looked like and Demisux then showed him the clip.

He said: "Regardless, now that I've just seen that, and I know who it is, I'm going to say something tomorrow if he's in here.

"I know you're usually doing your stream while you're in here and I don't want you to feel you're uncomfortable because that's not cool."

Demisux said she feels like she's doing the same with streaming before the staff member said: "He's filming you without consent. It's a safety thing, especially a woman coming in here late at night. I want you to feel safe."

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