Summer heat could increase chance for developing kidney stones

You probably don't expect to go to the doctor and get advised to go on a rollercoaster, but this is exactly what could help people suffering from kidney stones.

Posting on TikTok, a doctor known as Dr Joe explained that doctor and Michigan State University professor David Wartinger carried out a study after patients came to him saying their kidney stones had passed after riding rides at Disney World.

He used a synthetic 3D model of a hollow kidney and inserted three kidney stones into the replica before taking it on Big Thunder Mountain at Disney's Magical Kingdom in Florida.

"They suspected that the jarring nature of the rollercoaster would help move the kidney stone into a position that was more favourable for passing," Dr Joe explained.

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The researchers also found that the ride "has to be quick and rough with numerous twists and turns but no inverted or upside down movements."

It all sounds pretty interesting, but we reckon we'd still go to the doctor first before trying out this hack.

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