Korean Billy is a YouTuber who teaches English dialect and slang to non-speakers, often with the amusing results that ensue when an outsider puts your everyday under a microscope.

Billy knows exactly what he's doing, and has you in stitches.

Specifically Billy explains the London dialect that he calls 'Roadman'.

Familiar to many already, these are just some of the terms he 'translates':

  • Mandem
  • Blud
  • Fam
  • Creps
  • Bait

And of course Nandos gets a mention.

He even puts on adidas for the parts said in 'Roadman' dialect.

Billy's explanations for why certain words take prominence are also hilarious.

Many Roadmen are very interested in trainers, so you would often hear this word from many roadmen.

See the full video below:

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