MrBeast's friend Kris Tyson officially comes out as a woman, announces new name and pronouns

MrBeast's friend Kris Tyson officially comes out as a woman, announces new name and pronouns
I spent a day with KRIS TYSON

MrBeast's Kris. Tyson has officially come out as transgendering, announcing that she now identifies as a woman and has a new way of spelling her name and new pronouns.

Earlier this year MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson who is the most followed YouTuber in the world, responded to the absurd notion that his association with Tyson was having a detrimental effect on his career.

Tyson had previously been using any pronoun and made headlines in April by declaring that she was undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Now in an interview with Anthony Padilla, Tyson has now officially come out as a woman and now uses she/her pronouns as well as wearing feminine attire for the video.

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Tyson told Padilla that this was the first time that she had openly spoken about her transition as she was playing "catch up" with the internet.

She added: "I have never said that public, no. But, I've been fully confident in that decision for over a year now. My idea was to play catchup with the internet in the way that I discover myself.

"Six, seven, eight months ago my hair started growing out, all these kinds of things. I wasn't quite sure exactly who I was yet, but I knew I was not cis-gendered. I needed the freedom to express myself and figure out who I was."

Tyson later tweeted, thanking Padilla to tell her story.

Many of Tyson's fans have been highly supportive of her transition, flooding her Twitter post with goodwill.

One fan wrote: "Kris looks genuinely so happy now. look at her. I'm so happy she's finally able to be her authentic self. :']"

Another added: She is stunning, she is grace, she wears heels so high that I question how she walks."

A third person said: "I cried the entire time watching the video, we’re so unbelievably proud of you! Thank you for sharing your story with us."

Tyson didn't announce if she will be appearing in any future MrBeast videos but the fact that Donaldson has previously supported his friends gender identity its unlikely that she would be dropped just because she is a woman.

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